Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tiering Up!

Sometimes adding bulk to an article of clothing can make you look heavier then you want to be, but sometimes, when placed correctly, it can add drama.  I'm talking about tiers on a skirt, dress, or top.  They can be very dramatic and lady like when worn correctly.

So light and breezy, this dress is perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

Modcloth, Galleria Gal Dress, $55
Tiered lace? Oh my goodness this is heavenly.  I'm thinking some bold jewelry.

I really like the v neck combined with the diagonal ruffle, makes it super interesting.

A Kors skirt for under $60.  Score!

Modcloth, Deep in the Ocean Dress, $68
Beautiful color palate on this dress, really feels underwater.

I'm really loving the layering effect of tiers on clothing.  It's very soft and subtle but in a very upscale way.

Be fabulous today!