Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rolled Clutch

When you think of a clutch it's usually a small purse to go out with, but what makes it really special? Pattern, texture, shape, all of the above?  Right now I'm really loving rolled clutches for evening.  They're so sleek!

Lori's Shoes, La Regale, $28
I would take this with me to an outdoor patio/bar.  Super sassy.

Banana Republic, Exotic roll clutch, $64
Such sophistication! I like the minimal hardware too.

La Regale, 21599 Evening Bag, $47
The beading on this bag is fabulous.

I'm picturing Samantha carrying this on SATC.

I really like the no nonsense design of these bags.  Perfect for a cell phone, lip gloss, keys, cards, and some bandaids for your high heels!

Be fabulous today!

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