Monday, June 13, 2011

Inspired by Kate

Hey lovebugs!
Happy Monday! How was your weekend? It was a scorcher here in DC. Lots of sundresses and sandals. 

Today I wanted to talk about a recent love of mine and I guess Kate Spade has fallen in love with it too.  Gold!  Normally gold is seen in jewelry, but today let's look at some fabulous gold clothing pieces.

Doesn't this dress remind you of a sock hop number from Grease? I just love it!

Lulu's, Cute gold skirt, $47
I really love the floating effect of this skirt.  It's ready for a spin!

I'm still warming up to Tom's shoes, but these are so much fun for a weekend of running around.

Neiman Marcus, Berek Outer Beauty Blouse, $50
The bell sleeves here are gorgeous.  Perfect to dress up or down.

I really love the elegance of the metallic in gold.  It matches everything and it's so shimmery and gorgeous for summer.

Be fabulous today!


  1. Love this! Love Kate & love gold!! I'm a big fan of the gold lulu's skirt (and the shoes the model is wearing too!!)!

    Wishing you a great day!

  2. Ooh! Seriously digging on those Toms!


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