Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Silk Shift

Do you ever get tired of your cotton dresses? Not that there is anything wrong with them, but sometimes you want something a little more dressy and luxurious feeling. Which is wear silk comes in.

Forever 21, silk colorblock shift, $32
They really nailed it with this dress.  Great colors, great shape, nice hemline.  I might belt it but otherwise, just perfect.

Max Studio, silk chiffon pique shift, $98
I really like the casual confidence of this dress.  It's got very no nonsense.

Modcloth, Across the pond dress, $80
So much detail in one shift.  I love the square neckline against the soft scallops.

BCBG, ruffle silk shift, $80
How great would this be for a wedding?

I'm really liking silk shifts for summer because they are so easy to throw on and go.  They might be a bit pricier but I think the cost per wear makes them a great piece to add to your wardrobe.

Be fabulous today!


  1. I totally agree! Silk dresses are so easy and comfy to throw on, but you feel so feminine and beautiful!

  2. That colorblock dress from forever 21 is so flippin cute!

  3. LOVE the Max Studio dress! My only major complaint with silk during DC summers is the sticky sweat factor-- yuck.

  4. LOVE the Max studio dress!!! Gorg!

  5. jcrew can make some really nice shifts, i pair them with sandals, ballet flats, a nice bag and bulky jewelry... easiest. outfit. ever!

    i'm now following your blog and look forward to future posts!

  6. The first dress is so cute. looks very refreshing, the second is so elegant to look at. check out the third photo, it looks like a scales of a fish but beautiful. right? the fourth is somehow same as those ordinary clothes.

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