Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Furry Friend

I'm just loving these gift guides. I think giving is so much better than receiving, especially you get to know someone better by shopping for them. Today's guide is for your friend who has a pooch. Not a muffin top, a dog. Jeeze guys. We're passed the food bowl and leash stage and you want to get her something she'll love.

Choose from dozens of breeds, this is a great gift for the home.

Etsy, Dog Bow Tie, $30
Sassy pup? Try a bow tie collar!

This Etsy seller has more than 200 prints! I love this affordable print combined with a great frame.

Etsy, Dog iPhone Case, $18
Adorable, retro and perfect for the best friend in your life.

As a dog owner, I would love any of these gifts and I hope your friends and family would too!

Be fabulous today!

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  1. Lola has a bow tie! You know, I wish JCrew would come out with a version of their graphic sweater with a chihuahua on it, preferentially my Lola.


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