Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Power Flats

You all know I love a great flat. And there are so many types of flats, ballet flats, mary jane flats, dainty flats, but today we're looking at what I'm calling power flats. The 'I mean business flat'.

DSW, C Label Hudson, $34
A slight metallic hue to the deep red paired with some studs. Heck yes.

Nordstrom, Classiques Entier Elina, $77
A cap toe metal? Don't mind if I do. Why yes, I will be owning this business meeting today.

Zara, Studded Slipper, $49
Sleek, a little masculine, but a lot powerful.

Nordstrom, Ivanka Trump Abello, $80
These are my perfect understated but, holy cow these are perfect, flats. A pointy toe, bow, in a perfect black.

So there you have it. Flats don't always have to be sweet and dainty, and pumps don't always have to be the power shoe. Swap out heels for some strong flats. Your feet will thank you.

Be fabulous today!

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