Monday, November 26, 2012

Gunmetal Baby

Hey there lovebugs!
How was your holiday? Are you stuffed? Any good black Friday sales?

If you're a little familyed-out you might be feeling a bit rebellious. A little edgy, a little, 'you don't get me', I have the perfect trend for you. Gunmetal. I great color that pushes the envelope.

The perfect dress it up dress it down pullover for this winter. 

Bauble Bar, Gunmetal Spike Strand, $28
I told you it was a little rebellious. Release your inner rockstar ladies.

Holiday party anyone? This will certainly turn heads.

This might be the most versatile belt you own, over cardigans, dresses, pants, you name it.

Gunmetal doesn't always have to be cold, warm it up this winter by pairing it with neons or saturated jewel tones. 

Be fabulous today!

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  1. This is hard core! You must've been inspired by my awesome sense of style at Thanksgiving.


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