Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Call Me Beep Me

First and foremost: GO VOTE! Right now! Do it! 

Who knows what this title was in reference to? If you said Kim Possible you would be correct, and you're awesome. Today we're looking at some sassy iPhone cases that are perfect for adding some glamour to your everyday accessory.

Supercolour, Bronze Pyramid Stud, $14
A little motorcycle chic? Heck yes.

Casemate, Glam, $40
I've been eyeing this case in gold for quite some time. I love it because the sparkle is inlaid which means you won't leave a trail of glitter everywhere.

Kate Spade, Abstract, $40
This is so beautiful. I love the mix of colors and the quiet beauty of this case.

Society 6, Follow the Sky, $35
A little chevron, a little turquoise. I think this case is the perfect bright/neutral.

I have a handful of cases that I swap out for my phone. I just love the different personalties each one has. What are you dressing your phone up in?

Be fabulous today!

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  1. I have the casemate sparkle case in green! I love it!


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