Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's in a Bag

Hey lovebugs,
Tomorrow I will be participating in A Hasty Life's blog crawl "It's in the Bag" where I let you in on what's going on inside my purse!  In preparation for that reveal I wanted to share some great go-to bags with you.

And in addition to my picks, I'd love to hear not only what bag you carry every day, but also what's inside!!!  Is it full of receipts and change? Or is it perfectly organized and zippered?

Modcloth, We Bag to Differ, $89.99
I love this color combination! And it has a shoulder strap inside.

Roxy, Monsoon Tote, $20
My favorite feature about this bag (other than the price) is the magnetic snap closure.  I will not buy a bag unless it closes in some shape or form.

Milloo, Elessa in wool, $75
By far my fave pick.  Fishbone wool and dual straps.  And free shipping!

Forever 21, Weaved hoops hobo bag, $29
Yeah, so it's not real leather, but I'm loving the hardware on this piece.

Kate Spade, Washington Mews Maryanne, $425
And how in the world could I do a bag post without picking out a beautiful Kate?  Drooling over here.

So as you can see I prefer a tote/shoulder bag for everyday use.  I think it offers the maximum stuff-to-the-gills capacity option in case of rain (umbrella room), evening out after work (heels), or hunger (snacks!)

Be fabulous today!


  1. oooh! love that turquoise Kate!!! :) My current bag is one I got on sale at Target for $13. Due to my slight OCD, everything is organized and the smaller loose stuff is corralled in zip pouches. I am a nerd! :] Can't wait for tomorrow's post!

  2. Love the Kate Spade bag! I am drooling! Fabulous color!!! I also really like the bag from Forever 21! I like to change up my bags often! My last bag was so big, my sister called it my suitcase!!

  3. I love the color of the kate spade bag! Great for spring!!! I switch mine up often, but I keep a mini clutch with all important items in it so I can easily switch bags or throw it in my diaper bag if I don't have room for a purse!

  4. Oooh, agreed. That Milloo bag is perfection!

  5. Ooh, that Modcloth bag is wonderfully unique!


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