Thursday, January 13, 2011

Embrace Your Inner Kermit

Kermit once said "It's not easy being green".  While I can imagine being green is probably difficult; wearing green is not. Green is such a fabulous color because it has so many varieties.  You can wear a pastel sea foam green, or a deep dark hunter green.  It's a color that looks fantastic on almost every single skin tone and it is a great addition to any wardrobe.

Before my picks- I wanted to tell  you lovebugs that tomorrow, as usual, is Friday Foodday and I would love to see some of your recipes so I can share them with all of you!

Kate's (yes, we're on a  first name basis) motto this month is 'live in color' why not add these jewels to your LBD?

Antropologie, Whirly-Twirly Clutch, $28
How wonderful is this? I love the brass closure giving it such an antique feel but the rosette is very whimsical and modern.

Nordstrom, DKNY Bow silk cardigan, $74
You know that I love bows and combined with this neckline? Stunning.

J Crew, Faille Swan Dress, $70
Hi there beautiful.  This dress is a dream- and check out the surprise in the back! 

Green can fit into any wardrobe.  You will see it in pretty much every trend- military, preppy, color block, suiting, you name it.  It will work on any occasion and it is such a breath of fresh air!

Be fabulous today!


  1. Love the earrings!!! Love love love!! I love the clothes too, but since I am pregnant, those clothes are not in my immediate future! But I am drooling over the earrings! I love jewelry! Great choice!

  2. ooh! Kate & I are on a first name basis too :] Love that anthropologie clutch too!

  3. I love green - and I love that little Anthro Clutch.

  4. The first two items are really cute!


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