Saturday, January 1, 2011

How to Buy a White Shirt

The classic white button down.  Something every woman needs but the fit is crucial.

Rule 1: Always, always, always try it on.  You need to be able to move around, test the sleeve length and make sure there is no puckering.

Good things to remember:
-Bend your fingers so they touch your wrist (or as close as they go) this is where your sleeve should hit.
-Sit down.  Are you giving visitors a show in between your buttons? Size up and take it to a tailor.
-Wear a white bra when you try it on.  You shouldn't need to wear a tank underneath to camouflage your bra. The material should be thick enough to not show through.
-Are there collar buttons? If so, how sturdy are they? If you want a more professional look, try a shirt with collar stays, they will make sure you never have curling.

And something my mom taught me: if it's white, wash it with whites.  A crisp white shirt is just that.  White.  A dingy, or graying white shirt is so unattractive!

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  1. I've always been advised to wear a neutral/skin colored bra under a white shirt. ^^


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