Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Striped and Saturated

Today, DC is expecting...brace yourself...1-3 inches of snow.  OMG.  While that may seem like nothing- well it is.  But, DC has a tendency to freak out about snow much like a child before going to the dentist.

This cold weather makes me crave deep saturated colors to keep me warm and cozy.  I'm talking purples, merlots, chocolates, and burgundies.  But what I'm also loving with these deep, rich colors is stripes.  Something unexpected with an otherwise anticipated color palate.  Let me explain:

Calvin Klein, Striped ponte skirt, $69
Start with this fabulous pencil skirt and pair it with...

Jones NY, Tie Sweater, $35
Pair the stripes with this classic sweater with a feminine bow detail.

Start with this.  Look how the shoulder stripe extends to the top of the arm, giving you a beautiful neckline.

Canvas, slim leg cords, $19
These aubergine cords are delicious with a casual striped sweater! And the price? Hello, can we talk about the price?

Hey, it's stripes and sparkle.  Now pair it with these...

Aldo, Depalma Bordo, $58
Great heel, great color, perfect for a pedicure.

Aren't you loving stripes now?  Me too.  I think they are very underrated.  If you don't love thick stripes try it out in a nautical trend first and ease in.  Something like this.

Be fabulous today!


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