Saturday, January 1, 2011

My fave T-shirt

Buying a t-shirt sounds like the most mundane task of all time but when you think about it, there are SO many options.  Embellished, scoop neck, sleeve length, type of cotton, so many choices!

While there are numerous tees for numerous occasions, this one is my go to:

Ann Taylor, scoop neck tee, $24

I love this t-shirt for so many reasons- the first is the fit.  It's not clingy.  Very important to me.  There is no need to see bumps and rolls in a classic tee. I also love the scoop neck because it's not flaunting in the way a v-neck is, but it still opens up the neckline.

I can use this shirt tucked into a pencil skirt and a hot pink cardi or I can pair it with cargo shorts and run out the door.

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