Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rock it Out

Ever feel like releasing your inner Kelly Clarkson?  You know that sassy rocker girl who is so confident she could wear a paper bag down the street and still look fabulous.  She's a little dangerous, a little rebellious and a lot fabulous.

I know you rock out to your iPod in the shower but it's time to work it down the street.  Try some of these rocker-inspired looks to spice up your day and your confidence!
Mocloth, Quick stud-y heel, $79
So many options for this!!!! jeans, pencil skirt, even a floral dress like Modcloth put it with!

Forever 21, Fab leatherette skirt, $12
If I see this anytime between the hours of 9am and 5pm I will be so so disappointed in you.  This is for girls night only!

Delicate rock chic.

Of course you need the rocker girl version of a cocktail ring!

And finally some ultra rocker nails!!! Thank you Katy Perry!

So are you feeling bold, loud, and ready to rock? I hope so.  This is such a fun way to mix up a wardrobe that might be wound a little too tightly.

Be fabulous today!


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