Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Smudgy Print

Is it really only Tuesday?  My blogger friend, Lindsay over at YAMS Designs were chatting about how much nicer today would be if it were Wednesday.  But I suppose this gives us another chance to what? That's right, be fabulous.

But if you aren't on the fab train quite yet, try out these watercolor-like prints will certainly spruce up your day.

I'm loving this color palate along with the defined waist by the ribbon belt.  Perfect for black skinny jeans.

Ann Taylor, Winter Whisper Cardigan, $49
This is just gorgeous.  I love the v-neck on this cardigan because it offers the option for a blouse-y top underneath or a statement necklace.

Old Navy, ruffled chiffon top, $26.50
That's right, Old Navy.  This is a great staple because you can tuck it into a pencil skirt with a metallic skinny belt or wear it with fitted cargo pants on the weekend.

Such an interesting print, usually a floral you'd expect much smaller on a skirt.  This is a statement.

When buying prints like this it's important to stick with a pattern you're comfortable with, because otherwise it's going to sit in your closet.  Where you can experiment is with color.  Prints offer you a variety of hues in one piece so even if yellow isn't your color its softened by the mixing of yellow with white with black, etc.  Have fun with it!  Starting with these types of smudgy, watercolor prints is a nice way to ease yourself into the bold world of prints.

Be fabulous today!


  1. Ohh, great pick from Ann Taylor! Love that.

  2. the first one is great!! I have a skirt in an ikat pattern with colors like yellow, black, magenta, turquoise & purple. Wearing different colored tops with it creates a new outfit each time & each one has a different feel. [turquoise top - beachy, black - formal, magenta - playful]. It's a fun skirt :)
    and thanks for mentioning little old me and my silly notion that it was Wednesday :)


  3. I LOVE the first and third ones! great finds!



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