Tuesday, September 21, 2010

You're Better than That

This morning I attended an event on Capitol Hill. I don't spend much time on that side of town (note capitAl barbie, not THE hill) but when I do I'm always so saddened by the clothing choices I see.

My office is business casual, so pants, skirts, blouses are fine. I only need a suit for large meetings or very formal conferences; so when presented with the opportunity to spruce up my usual 9-5, I jumped on the chance to 'hill-ify' my outfit. Sadly, I don't think many others did. The wildest outfit I saw was a boring black suit with (brace yourself) a pink oxford underneath. So boring. Unless tonight is your laundry night, you can do so much better. Here's what I wore:

Banana Republic, Orange Summer Tweed Blazer, (bought in 2009)

Ann Taylor, Cowl Neck Shirt, $29

Ann Taylor, Melange Ponte High Waist Skirt, $78

Enzo Angiolini, black patent mary jane with bow, (bought in 2008)

See? Professional, business-like, and not plain. And please ladies, for all of $8 you can take your heels to the cobbler or dry cleaner and get them heeled! Metal clicking around on hardwood floors is so amateur.


  1. Agreed! I used to work on the hill- and depending where your boss hails from the fashion scene can be very different. I worked in an office associated with New York City so everything was very formal and very fashion forward. I was however always stunned by what people wore on a day to day basis..

  2. Maybe people leave the metal thing on their heels on purpose so they can do a bit of clickety-clacking. Had you thought of that?!!

    Bringing a bit of Showgirl to the Hill?!



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