Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prints and Patterns

People who are afraid of prints are lame. All of these people walking around in their solid colors, bland blocks of fabric- it is just so blah. Embrace the unexpected element of a pattern. Fearful? Its ok! Start small, a headband, a ballet flat, even a bag. Then figure out what kinds of patterns you like best: funky, preppy, modern, etc. You'll find your print just like you've found colors that you look great in. Here are some of my favorites that aren't super loud. Just remember be bold, own the statement.

-Also note, I'm starting Friday Foodday which will feature 3 easy to make and delicious recipes. If you have any ideas or suggestions please comment, tweet, or email me!

Like I said, start small: patterned cubicle wallpaper. So cool
Cubicle Paper, Blue Lagoon, $8.99

Target, Merona Thick Stripe Wallet, $12.99

Macys, Tommy Hilfiger Vest, $38.99

Nordstroms, Suzi Chin Maggy Ruched Cotton Sheath Dress, $69.90

Yes even PJs, why not??
Nordstroms, Salvage Classic Poplin, $31.90

J Crew, Patterned Classic Ballet Flat, $69.99

Newport News, Plaid Cotton Voile Tunic, $29

Steve Madden, Ulltra, $79.95

Macys, Jones New York Dress, $44.99

Don't forget to send me your recipes for tomorrow!

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  1. That wallpaper is fantastic! And argyle! I looooove argyle :)


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