Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I went there.

This post is dedicated to those who are battling lady parts drama this week. I know that is brutally honest, but there it is, I put it out there. We all deal with it, might as well talk about it and how it relates to fashion.

So, here's to you {insert name here} working hard at your desk while your uterus feels like the dough being twisted in the window of the Auntie Anne's at the mall. Here's to you {insert name here} at the office party while your ovaries feel like they are slowly being backed over by a UPS truck. Here's to you {insert name here} for blow drying your hair even when you feel like a hot air balloon filled with bricks.

Today's post is how to hide the irritability, bloating, PMSing, cramps, etc and still look darn cute. Good luck this week ladies. Stay strong.

I find the key to looking professional while camo-ing the blimp that is your stomach during this week is a nice dress or billowy blouse. Shall we?

Banana Republic, 3/4 sleeve faux-wrap dress, $39.99

Old Navy, Cropped Toggle Cape, $34.50

The Limited, Bow Front Top, $49.90

Target, Easy Care Neck Tie Woven Dress, $24.99

I find this also helps if all else fails:

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