Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Tie Front Blouse

Hope everyone had a great Food Friday! I continued mine into Sunday when I cooked some bacon wrapped pork chops for the bf and I. YUM.

Also a special shout out to my friend Sarah who has a big birthday today!!! Here's what I got her for her birthday:

A portrait of her pups, Kitty!

I also hope everyone enjoyed the sunshine and the long weekend. It is kind of fall now right? Well one of my favorite blouses for fall is the tie neck blouse. It's very sassy secretary meets six figure CEO. I also like its versatility because- as you should know- if I'm buying a piece its gotta work at least 2 or 3 ways. This blouse can work with pants, skirts, or under a v-neck sweater.

Speigel, Sleeveless Silk Charmeuse Tie Neck Blouse, $59

Ann Taylor Loft, Self-Tie Button Down, $44.50

Newport News, Sash-tied blouse, $14.99

Anne Klein, Floral Tie Blouse, $79

Look for prints or solids in these types of blouses, and always silk. Yes I know, not machine washable, but it looks so much more luxurious.

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