Monday, September 13, 2010

The Oxford Shoe Trend

Welcome back from the weekend everyone! Hope you all had a relaxing and fun couple of days.

Today we will conquer a very popular trend for fall: the oxford shoe. Now the reason why I'm hesitant about this shoe is because I'm a girly girl. If you haven't already gotten that from the pink background, and 'Barbie' title. The oxford shoe presents an interesting predicament: it's traditionally a flat which I love but it's a men's type of shoe. So let's try to find a happy medium.

Got suggestions on how to wear oxfords?

Target, Taree Oxford Shoe, $19.99
I like these because they have a nice rounded toe; much sweeter than the harsh pointy toe.

Steve Madden, Tastee Oxford Shoe, $49.95
I love these because they're no lace coolness would go perfectly with boyfriend jeans

Steve Madden, Docile Oxford Heel, $69.95
With tights? Yum.

Volatile, Marlena, $62.95
Probably could match with any outfit

Steven, Melanee, $99
And for you brave souls- I had to throw in a colored oxford. Love the detailing on this one, and the wooden sole!

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