Thursday, September 23, 2010

Anniversary Night Out

This post is inspired by my dear co-worker turned great friend, Autumn. This weekend she and her husband will be celebrating their one year wedding anniversary and she asked me what to wear to dinner.

It got me thinking, what's romantic, semi-casual, sexy, and comfortable for a dinner night out? Especially now when you need to start weaning yourself off of summer dresses.

Here's some of my ideas for a romantic night out. Congratulations Autumn!


  1. I love these Kelsey! Thank you so much!!!

  2. Hi Kels,

    Thanks so much for choosing one of ModCloth's dresses as an option! We totally agree! That dress would look perfect for a night out sipping wine and chatting with your loved one. It's so versatile too; your friend Autumn could pair with a blazer and wear it to work later in the week.

    What would you pick for a date night for yourself?
    Elisa at ModCloth

  3. I love these Kelsey! Thank you so much!!!


Hey lovebug! Thank you so much for you comment. I just loved spending time with you and I hope you come back again soon! TCB.