Thursday, October 27, 2016

Riding My Pony

There are certain days of the week when I've slept on wet hair, or should have washed it the night before and it's just not looking... as they say... on fleek. So I turn to a ponytail, but why go with a boring hair tie? Dress up your tough hair day with a pony holder that shines.

Anthropologie, Bow Tied Pony Holder, $12
Just wow. Simple, feminine, and a touch decadent.

Its the simple things that make this unique. I'd get both gold and silver.

Feeling sassy? I'm planning to strut into the office on a Monday with this bad boy on.

Mark and Graham, Tortoise Ponytail Holder, $29
Preppy, classic, and personal.

So don't fret those bad hair days. Have some fun with them with these beautiful hair ties.

Be fabulous today!

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