Wednesday, October 19, 2016

It's A Wrap, It's a Scarf...

It's fall, which means it is blanket scarf season. Instead of fighting it, let's just dive in. Embrace the cozy, casual, and effortless nature of this accessory. It's a good one.

The loveliest autumn mix with this scarf. You need a basket of apples and some boots.

Nordstrom, BP Autumn Plaid Scarf, $29
This scarf is called 'autumn' it's perfect to pair with a denim jacket.

A great monochrome option for an all black outfit.

Some green and brown hues are great but even better with the pops of red and blue!

Whether you are new to blanket scarves or have more than you'd like to admit, there's no doubting they are a great fall accessory.

Be fabulous today!

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