Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Play the Accordion

Earlier this month we looked at some great printed maxi skirts. They are playful, elegant, and versatile for summer into fall. Today I thought we would look at some great pleated maxi dresses that scream summer but transition well to fall with the right jean jacket or cardi.

The fiancé and I have a 'no spend August' thing going on this month. If we didn't...this would already by in my closet. I love the contrasting colors, trim, and lines!

The price on this is unbeatable. Throw on some of yesterday's beaded earrings and you are ready to go!

Have a warm weather fall wedding to attend? This is your go to dress.

Warm night, sunset party/date/wedding? Yes. 

Maxi accordion pleats are one of my favorite styles for warm weather. I think they are easily dressed up or down with minimal effort. Play with colors, patterns, or solids to really have some fun.

Be fabulous today!

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