Monday, August 8, 2016

Make Me Blush

Happy Monday lovebugs,

As we wrap up the summer wedding season, I am sure if not this year, at some point in your life you've unwillingly purchased nude pumps. You are a good friend. I applaud you. But now, it's you time. Time to put away the nude and bring out blush. A beautiful, feminine hue that can be professional or playful.

Modcloth, Piles as Punch Flat, $69
I've never done ballet, but I can play the part with these beautiful flats.

Perhaps a more versatile shoe than a black pump. Chic, suede, stunning.

Oh come on, I had to. How can you not have fun in these sneakers?!

Sometimes a bow can be a little too sweet, this pump is anything but - it's commanding.

You've put in your time in nude pumps, it's time to sweeten things up and have some fun in blush!

Be fabulous today!

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