Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dynamic Denim

Last week my mom came into town for some wedding planning. We were walking around town and she mentioned that she's been on the hunt for a denim jacket as a transition jacket for summer nights into fall. This one's for you, mom.

Let's start with the classic. Levi's. You can't go wrong on the fit, quality, or price.

Uniqlo, Women Denim Jacket, $39
And speaking of great prices. Under $40? Yep.

I love this brand for denim. It lasts forever and they have some great washes.

American Eagle, AEO Denim Jacket, $59 $29
Looking for something a little more distressed? Try this option at 50% off!

A denim jacket is going to be a workhorse piece in your closet from now until November. Find one that goes with your style so its easy to throw on top of anything.

Be fabulous today!

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