Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cool Hand Lady

It's hot as crap outside. I know, excuse my language, but really, even my dog can't even right now. So I thought we would take it back to basics. Neutrals that are versatile and will keep you cool Take a look at these scoop back tops that show a little skin but go with just about everything.

Asos, Scoopback Cami Top, $17
Something so simple yet so beautiful. 

Forever 21, Scoop-Back Top, $10
If this V was diving I would give it a 10. Nailed it.

I don't think heather gray gets enough credit. It looks so effortless and yet isn't a solid.

One more from Asos. What a lovely a ladylike tank.

If you have to stay cool in this heat wave, you should look good doing it. These deep v, scoop back tops are as beautiful as they are cool.

Be fabulous today!

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