Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Drop It

Let's play with waistlines. The seemingly neglected line when its main competition is the ultra-visible hemline. The drop waist is scary because it's not the usual hourglass silhouette we are used to seeing. It swings differently, falls differently, and hugs differently. As we've been taught as women in the 21st century - different is good. So let's try on some printed drop waist dresses that make us feel...different.

Loft, Dot Flounce Dress, $89
I mean, come on. Perfect. Great vertical torso seam to make you look six feet tall.

So effortless. I love the pockets!

One more polka dot option because it seems to work so well with this waistline.

I love this dress because it doesn't scream summer. Wear it now and then wear it later with a navy blazer with suede booties.

Mix it up with the waistlines and try something different. Drop waist is easy, breezy, and unexpected.

Be fabulous today!

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