Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Let's talk faux fur. A couple of years ago the faux fur vest came on the scene and people were nervous  about looking too boho, too rocker, too whatever. Now this look is no big deal, it's a not even a trend, it's totally normal, and thank goodness, because this is fall look I'm loving.

Lord and Taylor, Tinsel Faux Fur Vest, $75
I love this color combination because it goes with anything. Absolutely anything.

Forever 21, Open Front Faux Fur Vest, $37
Effortless, just chic and easy.

A very different look for faux fur. A feathery style that is easy to belt.

Even Target is getting in on it. A lovely longer option that has pockets.

So this non-trend is back and affordable. Are you wearing it? For me, this item is one I pick a color/style and that's it. This isn't a pair of jeans that I have 3, 4...7 pairs. This is a one and done and fantastic.

Be fabulous today!

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