Thursday, November 6, 2014


What is the cocoon coat? What does that even mean? Well I will tell you because I had to look it up. Picture the butterfly cocoon. It is a straight-down, unstructured, masterpiece. You don't need to admire it's curves, it's straightforward and simple. How does this translate to fashion? This coat has a lack of shape, embrace it. There is no need to belt it, there is no need to define a waist. It's a cocoon. Own it.

Mango, Minimal Cocoon Coat, $89
How airy and simple is this coat? I'm obsessed with this pink.

Keyword: fluffy. Comfort meets warmth in this perfect go to coat.

Ok chic Forever 21, I see you!

Missguided, Lena Cocoon Coat, $75
Oh mustard, how I love you.

So what are we thinking on the cocoon coat? Pretty great, right? Agreed. A great addition to your coat closet that is casual and chic.

Be fabulous today!

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