Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Be Kind Today

No fashion today lovebugs. Today we are taking some time to thank those who keep us safe. A huge thank you to those who have to take time away from their loved ones and miss holidays, birthdays, and school plays because they are keeping us safe. 

We don't always see the warriors in plain sight; but they are there. Some are dealing with PTSD, homelessness, and financial issues. This isn't a soapbox blog post, but rather a reminder to just be kind. 

We are lucky to be able to distract ourselves with patent leather heels, cashmere cardigans, and general fabulousness. Today, and tomorrow, and next month, let's distract ourselves with kindness. Hold the door, pay it forward, do whatever it is that makes this world a better place. 

Thank you veterans, thank you to those who serve.

Be kind today.

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