Thursday, November 20, 2014

Howdy Lady

Let's talk jewelry. Let's talk long, elegant, simple jewelry. With me? Ok, stay with me. Let's talk lariat. Still there? Excellent. The lariat style necklace is sleek and chic and with sweater weather, it's a great accessory.

Neiman Marcus, Jules Smith Keep Me Lariat $69
So simple. Gold square, silver oval. I love it.

A nice vintage twist on the lariat style. I love the pearl tassel.

A heavier yet thin braided chain with a bit of sparkle at the end.

Gorjana, Honeycomb Lariat, $80
How genius is this simple honeycomb shape? 

The lariat style can be worn ironically for Halloween but when it comes to feminine, understated style, this is just perfect.

Be fabulous today!

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