Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sporty Spice

I know what you’re thinking…Kelsey would never write a post about dressing up “non-preppy.” Surprise! It’s not Kelsey! I’m Sara, Kelsey’s little sister. While my sister and I are best friends, we have almost nothing in common besides our love of dogs and food (It’s good to be a Heinze). When Kels asked me to do a guest post, I was a little hesitant because fashion is DEFINITELY not my thing. I have no shame in saying most of my clothes Kelsey picked out or I got for Christmas. Being the athlete of the family, I never got into the preppy look but I do have my own style. This post is for all of you who can’t pull off the polka dotty-pulitz-a-tucket look.

Anyone who knows me knows I rarely leave that house without my cowboy boots on. They’re a winter essential and a great investment. Wear them everywhere to break them in.

Right now I’m really into baggy blouses and tops. The way they fall makes your outfit look effortless and they are very forgiving if you’re not feeling great about yourself. Get one that falls off the shoulder for an easy look for a night out.
Nordstrom, Lush Oversized Boxy Tee, $26

And for those of you who’re really adventurous, a pair of dunks is a solid and original contribution to any outfit.  Be confident and strut your street cred with these!
Nike, Women's Dunks, $84

Hope you enjoyed my guest post, and keep reading my sister’s blog! She’s basically awesome.


  1. So sweet to have your sister post!! I'm also way into baggy blouses right now, I love pairing them with long necklaces. And those sneakers are too cool- wish I were brave enough to wear those!

  2. Great guest post! I love your pics above, but those sneakers are definitely a little loud for me. I could see them being cute on someone with a laid back, casual style.

  3. LOVE those boots! I know where part of my paycheck is going Thursday at midnight...


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