Monday, November 14, 2011

Reader Request: School Bags

Hey Lovebugs! How was your weekend? Did you taken advantage of the Gap Friends and Family Sale? Any other good buys?

Today's post is from a reader who wants a new bag for school; something that can hold textbooks, laptop, and look fabulous too. Let's see what I can find.

I love this bag for school. Fantastic pattern and neutral colors. 

Urban Outfitters, Deena and Ozzy Buckle Tote, $69
I love this bag! It reminds me of a Legally Blonde bag toughened up a bit.

I love the dual straps on this bag. It looks very durable.

Canvas, 1963 Washed Tote, $49
I love Lands End Canvas more and more every day. The price on this sturdy tote is just right.

So what would you carry if you didn't have to wear a backpack?

Be fabulous today!


  1. okay, I don't need a school bag, but a lot of these could double as a diaper bag so i'm in! lol
    Love your picks!

  2. Love the pics just to hold all my stuff! The pink is very Legally Blonde :) and the Lands end is great and practical.

    Oh - and the brussel sprouts and pancetta is my fav!

    <a href=">Red Soles and Red Wine</a>

  3. I would loooove your recommendations for a travel tote with a full zipper closure. I have the Longchamp tote, but I'm looking for another large, light weight, all weather tote for the business traveler.

  4. I love the Lands End :) You're the best!!


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