Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rose Gold

Rose gold has been a big trend this season, watches, necklaces, and I think the popularity will only continue. Here are some of my favorite items.

House of Harlow, Long Arrow Ring, $65
So simple and chic. I love this for dark wash jeans and a plaid flannel.

Just yes, this is perfect for layering.

Tina Turk, Brick Stud Earrings, $50
Simple, easy, matches everything.

Michael Kors, Bucket Bracelet Bangle, $85
This is masculine but with a classic and timeless edge. Great with a suit.

What are some of your favorite rose gold jewelry items?

Be fabulous today!


  1. I've seen so much rose gold online lately and never really though that much of it, but I saw a whole line in person this weekend and now love it!! So soft and pretty. And that Michael Kors bracelet is too cool.

  2. that michael kors bangle NEEDS to be in my jewelry box NOW!!!


  3. I am currently obsessed with rose gold. Love the jewelry pieces you posted! xo

  4. I love rose gold, too! Love the heart marc jacobs pendant. :)

  5. Rose gold is absolutely fabulous - love the geometric studs!!

  6. Michael Kors has some really nice rose gold, and rose gold combination watches. But I love all of his watches. They're afforable and stylish!

  7. Those studs are to DIE FOR!!! I am very into the rose gold trend. I hope it sticks around for a while!


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