Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Smoking Loafer

I'm a sucker for a great flat given that I don't have a car. I walk everywhere so the more comfortable and cuter the better.  I love the new trend, the smoking loafer, it's chic and simple and goes with just about anything.

Steve Madden, Chaufer, $79
Oh hi there perfection, please get in my closet right now.

American Apparel, Velvet Tassel Loafer, $75
These come in black and olive, but I'm picture the navy with a great paid of wool shorts with tights.

Sam Edelman, Alvin, $97
These babies just went on sale, get them while you can!!!

Absolutely the best price out there. These red beauties would be fabulous with some black skinny jeans.

I love smoking loafers because they're masculine yet can be styled very girly.

Be fabulous today!


  1. I love the Sam Edelman shoes above. I love most of his shoe styles though. Stylish and affordable!

  2. I think I'm getting myself a pair for the new year! Great picks!

  3. Finally gave in and got myself some loafers and I couldn't be happier with them :)

  4. I wasn't so much into loafers before, but now they seem cooler to me! Like the dark blue ones!

  5. swoon! Loving all these loafers!


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