Thursday, September 25, 2014

Vesting Ceremony

Let's talk fall outerwear. It can be difficult to judge whether to go with the trench, the denim jacket, or something entirely different: the vest. Today we're looking at the ultra-versatile puffer or quilted vest and it's a fantastic investment for fall.

JCrew Factory, Quilted Puffer Vest, $98
I really love this oatmeal color, it's a perfect base for a colorful cotton scarf.

Old Navy, Quilted Zip-front Vests, $34
The truly classic forest green. It's equestrian in color and style and so chic with flat brown boots.

This pattern is adorable and a statement for outerwear.

LandsEnd, Women's Down Vest, $59
How great is this pattern with chambray? And you know LandsEnd is quality when it comes to outerwear.

Before you grab the cotton coat or the trench, give the vest a try. It's easily layered and easily packed for weekend trips.

Be fabulous today!

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