Monday, September 29, 2014

Chain Link

Happy Monday lovebugs,
I'm feeling a little edgy this morning. Monday's aren't always hearts and flowers so I thought we would look at something that may match our moods. These chain necklaces make a statement without bling or color.

BaubleBar, Chainmaille Bib, $68
Kind of regal and kind of Rihanna, am I right?

My favorite part of this necklace is something you don't notice right away: the right and left strands don't match. Just when you thought the bib stole the show, this necklace is full of surprises.

Talk about mixed media. This is a work of art.

Tired of the bibs? How about this statement piece. Chain, coin, and fringe. So much awesome.

These necklaces are making a big statement for under $70. Go heavy, go bib, you can't go wrong.

Be fabulous today!

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