Thursday, May 22, 2014

Go Boldly

Hey there lovebugs,
Happy almost Friday to you. Last month at about this time we looked at some floral pants. Today we're going to continue the floral trend but look at some bolder prints. Some flowers that just can't be contained in you usual, expected colors, patterns, and shapes.

Dorothy Perkins, Floral Printed Mesh Dress, $79
Boom. Now we're talking floral. I love everything about this dress: the shape, the gathering at the waist, colors, oh I just love it.

How about these big ol flowers? Modern, graphic and so much fun.

Lord and Taylor, Tracy Reese Floral Shift Dress, $98
This floral has more of a disco vibe to it. I would pair it with some killer high espadrilles.

Modcloth, Work of Pop Art Top, $49
How about this top? There is so much fabulous going on I'm having trouble not adding it to my cart and checking the heck out at

Florals aren't just for your pretty Sundays or meeting your grandmother. Try out some bolder colors, some bigger patterns, try some unexpected florals.

Be fabulous today!

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