Monday, May 19, 2014

Future is So Bright

Let's have some fun on this Monday. It's mid-May, it's warm, it's time for sunglasses. Sunglasses in my opinion should be a whole lot of fun. It's an accessory that doesn't have to be classic, you take them on and off a handful of times during the day, so why not make them stand out? Let's take a look at these fabulous patterned shades.

Neiman Marcus, Toms eyewear Gigi polka dot, $98
Navy polka dot. Does it get any better? I love these summer ready shoes. Perfect for jeans, sundress or even a suit.

Urban Outfitters, Amigo printed square sunglasses, $14
The vintage surfer trend is one that I'm still working on getting behind, this however, I'm all over it. Summer meets Saved by the Bell.

I'm struggling with these shades. I cannot decide what I love more, the lavender, the retro shape, or the blurred graphic sides. 

Modcloth, Chevron and On, $11
The ombre on the glasses is so feminine. The shape means business.

How do you style your shades? Are you a tortoise classic kind of girl or something a bit more eye catching, something patterned?

Be fabulous today!

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