Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lace Lately

It's almost Memorial Day which means if you abide by the white pants rules of summer, it's almost time to break out the whites, the lace, the eyelets. Today I thought we would get the shopping started with white lace. Feminine, airy, and the definition of summer.

Piperlime, Sabine Lace Top, $49
I started with my favorite. I love this short sleeve, lacy hem blouse. I just think it is stunning.

I like this top because the peplum hits at a very natural spot. It creates an hourglass on the perfect spot on the torso.

This will be your go to white shell this summer. It's well made, great shape and can be worn alone or layered with just about anything.

Lord and Taylor, Jessica Simpson Lace Top, $44
I see you J Simp. Stepping up your game and I love it.

White lace doesn't need to be butterflies and purity. Pair these tops with a fringy or neon necklace to spice things up! Or keep it simple with a nice charm necklace.

Be fabulous today!

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