Monday, April 14, 2014

Blooming Butt

Hey there lovebugs,
Happy Monday to you. I hope its full of smiles and not allergies. Stupid spring, getting all up in your nose like that. So today I say, screw you pollen, I'm wearing flowers on my pants.

A breezy pant for weekends. Too wild for you? Try a wide belt to define the waist.

Hello sunshine! Check you out.

Ann Taylor, Evening Floral Cropped Pant, $89
Oh I just love this big print. The neutral colors mean you can pair it with just about anything. Think of the options, denim jacket, blazer, red silk blouse.

Asos, Peg Pant in Shadow Floral, $41
How chic are these pants? Perfectly placed pin tuck pleats at the waist and a slim ankle.

So you may be loaded up on Claritin or swimming in tissues, but there is no reason to rule out florals. Just show pollen whose boss and own those pants.

Be fabulous today!

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