Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Try to Ketchup

Are you a fan of red? It's a tough question to answer. Red means so many things. Lipstick red, maroon, cranberry, I could go on for days. So when I ask, I'm going to be specific and today, it's tomato red. A ketchupy, orangey red that is perfect for spring. Let's look at some tomato red sandals.

Oooooo these puppies are ready for the weekend. Dress them down with ripped jeans or try a leather skirt.

I just love this shade of red. It's punchy and playful.

Nordstrom, Steve Madden Stecy, $79
When you walk in these shoes, walk slowly. Walk with confidence, and prepare for the whistles.

Modcloth, Dreaming on the Dock, $29
And for my girls who need some sassy flats? You're welcome.

Tomato red is a great shade for spring. It's bright, fun, and takes itself a little less seriously, in the best way possible.

Be fabulous today!

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