Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Less is More

Sometimes you just need a great base. A solid canvas to build on. Today, we're looking at some strong gray dresses that you can add just about anything to. Layer on the cardigan, button down shirt and belt, neon necklace, boots, you name it. Let's have some fun.

Modcloth, Fountain Photo Op Dress, $72
How about this as the dress of the summer? Handkerchief hemline, cascading circle details, add a drop earring and a strappy sandal.

Also comes in blue or black, this gray form-fitting maxi is ready for anything. Wear it as a maxi skirt with a patterned blouse, or go fancy and simple with a skinny belt and chandelier earrings.

Anthropologie, Savant Swing Dress, $98
Oh hey, nothing to see here, but wait...are those elbow patches? Why yes. Yes they are.

Victoria's Secret, Supermodel Sweatshirt Dress, $69
Casual meets sassy. Check out the stud detail on the sleeves of this super laid back sweatshirt dress.

Usually I'm all about the statement piece, the pattern, the bold color, or the standout fit, but sometimes less is more. Try a blank canvas and go simple or have some fun.

Be fabulous today!

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