Thursday, April 3, 2014

To Dye For

Let's talk ombre. The always popular color trend that is so easy and laid back that it's made it into just about every style. From skirts to heels to bags, ombre is everywhere. And today we're looking at it in jewelry.

Banana Republic, Aqua Ombre Stretch Bracelet, $45
This beachy bracelet is quite the stunner. I love the mix of aquas because it would work with a white dress or a navy suit.

Last Call Neiman Marcus, Fragments Ombre Marquise Cut Earring, $35
Oh these citrus hues are so playful and so are these chandelier earrings. 

A statement necklace that is ready for a denim jacket and a good sunset.

I love these earrings because of the column shape. So often we gravitate to a stud, chandelier or hoop, try these for something different.

Ombre jewelry is more of a casual statement because it's just so breezy. It's not as in your face as a monochrome piece and its not as 'notice me' as a neon. It's unassuming but beautiful.

Be fabulous today!

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