Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cash Money

Happy tax day everyone. I hope you got a great return and have some money to treat yourself. So today's post theme is money. Cash money. Dolla bills y'all.

Forever 21, Money Sign Necklace, $3
For less than five bucks, add this little charm to your collection.

Juicy Couture, Graphic Tee, $34
A great high low tee is sassy and kind of adorable with maybe a navy prepster blazer.

Vintage arcade token anyone? This not so polished accessory is perfect for the weekend.

Modcloth, What Did I Buy Today?, $13
And maybe something to keep track of your splurges and steals. This little journal is more helpful then you may think.

Whether you owe or got paid, sometimes money can buy happiness. Especially when happiness is in the form of a dress or maybe some patent peep toe pumps.

Be fabulous today!

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