Tuesday, September 25, 2012


There are a plethora of coats you can wear in the fall, the quilted, the anorak, and more but today we're looking at the trench; and while the khaki trench is classic, what's big this fall is the black trench. It's very sleek and subtle. Take a look at these options.

You want something classic, durable, dependable, and never going out of style? London Fog. Under $100. This is what we like to call a staple.

Are you more petite? This is a great option for you. Make sure the hem hits just below the waistline but not past the crotch.

Steve Madden, Asymmetrical Zip Jacket, $89
Certainly something out of the box when you're thinking of the classic trench. I love the collar and faux leather belt.

On sale from $230! Woo! Try switching out this belt with a skinny glitter or neon belt.

I love a great trench for fall, if you're going to invest, I recommend finding one that is waterproof NOT water resistant. Pay attention ladies!

Be fabulous today!

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