Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Buckle Up!

Happy humpday lovebugs! We're getting there. Today we're enjoying an equestrian inspired piece of jewelry, the buckle bangle. It is a classic piece that is just perfect for layering.

Classic, simple and I love the mix of metals. 

Juicy Couture, Wide Buckle Bangle, $88
The heaviness of this bangle makes it a great statement piece. 

Bauble Bar, Avocado Link Wrap, $32
How about a pop of color with your buckle? Bauble Bar has done the layering for you!

This is a beautiful and light bangle with an interesting and vintage looking buckle.

Equestrian inspired fashion is huge this season, and this simple take on a bangle is a great and easy way to integrate the trend into your wardrobe.

Be fabulous today!

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