Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pattern Pencils

I love to wear a pencil skirt to work because it comes in so many colors and you can match with essentially anything. Right now, patterned pencil skirts are very popular and just like patterned shorts and crop pants, this is going to be huge.

Ann Taylor, Caliente Muses Print, $88
Does this skirt scream spring or what? I would love to add an unexpected color on top like a silk khaki colored shirt or maybe a nice jewel tone.

Target, Gray print skirt, $18
Who doesn't need a ready to wear to work pencil skirt for UNDER $20?

The mix of pink and orange petals is just beautiful in this micro-print.

Banana Republic, animal print pencil skirt, $69
I love the big print on this skirt, it's graphic and fun and great to spice up your 9 to 5.

Are you wearing brights, patterns or both this spring? How do you style your pencil skirt?

Be fabulous today!


  1. Love the animal print one of BR!!

    I'm actually wearining a solid black one today, with a sequined tank from Express (cream) and black blazer.

    Looking forward to see how other's style them.

  2. I love colorful pencil skirts! I've been rocking a bright pink one so far this spring, but I need to pick up a few more!

  3. I love pencil skirts, but I never know how to style patterned ones except for basic and safe ways. I need to get better at it!

  4. Great work! Keep posting good stuff like this.


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