Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Color me Vibrant

Everyone has their own color taste- some people like pastels, some prefer neutrals, and some just love saturated and vibrant colors. Today we're going to look at some vibrant scarves that are a perfect addition to your spring collection.

How perfect are these colors together? The pops of light blue really make it.

 Kohl's, Paintbrush Square Scarf, $28
A little drama on this scarf. This would even work tied to your work tote as a pop of color.

Other than the fact that this model looks so sad to be here, the scarf is beautiful. 

Ralph Lauren, Silk Floral Large Square Scarf, $78
This sophisticated glamour is just beautiful. A great addition to a bright white button down shirt.

Scarves are such great, versatile pieces because you can tie them 684 different ways, you can tie it to your purse, or use it as a headband. The possibilities are endless!

Be fabulous today!


  1. super chic and cute! love the Kohls one!

  2. I love the first scarf - it's gorgeous!

    xx Emily @

  3. i seriously would love ALL of these! great post.
    happy wednesday!
    xo, emily

  4. that first scarf is amazing! & loving the last one too!

    xx, ashlyn

  5. I can't get scarves to do any of those things! (except for the 1st one that's just spread out in a square...) But love the idea of wearing a fun scarf!

  6. I love scarves! I have a huge collection and always try and find new ways to wear them!



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